There is nothing better than sharing relaxing times as you entertain friends at home. Start things off with a pre-dinner drink in the lounge before moving through to the dining room for your meal.

Dear Friends,
Welcome to Loungeatude!

To the ‘why’ question I am asked frequently about Loungeatude… here is the simple answer: I wanted to find somewhere that gave me the same enjoyment I remember from when I was a child.

My parents always enjoyed entertaining friends at home.
My mother, a well-educated woman, always received her guests with great care and charm…
To put everyone totally at their ease, we started off in the lounge. The focal point was the lovely open fireplace that warmed us on long winter evenings and my father also had a great knack of getting us all to relax and unwind.

When we ‘went through’ to eat, it was to sample wonderfully cooked food and perhaps to discover unfamiliar flavours or classic dishes prepared with the unerring ‘touch’ of our cook.

Once we had finished our main meal, I was allowed, along with my brothers and sisters, to delight in the flavours of every child’s favourite: chocolate mousse, while the adults enjoyed the dying embers of the fire with their coffee.

For me, these simple memories were a part of everyday life.

So I have taken my time in recreating the location I wanted and its special ambience… Please, come and take the time to discover them for yourself.


PS: And where does the name ‘Loungeatude’ come from? If you look carefully, you will see the words ‘lounge’ and ‘eat’ – which are self-explanatory. Then the ‘eatude’ at the end is almost the French word ‘étude’, which reflects the study of the great food and conversation I want you to enjoy… It is entirely up to you!